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This year has been a very successful but also competitive year as far as recruiting the top players to come play for us.  As with any other competition you win some and you loose some.

I used to be able to say, we are an ethical program and that would be enough to draw people to our program.  But I guess people are placing other things above integrity.

So I decided to list out the value of our program and show why we stand above others.  I want to show why and how the dollars you spend on your fees are a wise investment in your child future.

1.) We are a competitive program, most of our teams are playing on the last day of the tournaments we play in.

2.) We are a stable program, when we put our tournament schedule together
 we complete it.

3.) We are starting our 11th year of competitive basketball, year after year we see teams start up, they make promises to players only to falter by the end of the same season.  And if you are a high school player you can't afford to miss a year of true competitive basketball.

4.) For new players coming into our program we offer the opportunity to play on the top teams with a competitive chance to start.  We let our players know each year that they have to remake our teams.

5.) We are proud to say in 2014, we had our first alumni of Club Ohio drafted into the NBA, Semaj Christon!

Is free always really free?
What do you know about the coach and the team you are going to? 
(Many teens mimic those they are around, other teens and coaches)
What is the cost of playing on a team that does not finish the season? (see the last sentence in #3).
Do you value knowing that your practice location and times will be the same time and place week after week?

What I can promise you;
1.) That you will play on a competitive team
2.) That you will have a competent and caring coaching staff
3.) That if you are in high school you will play a highly competitive schedule, that includes a July filled with exposure events where college coaches are during the NCAA Div 1 open period
4.) Four free sessions of Strength and Conditioning training at Personal Trainers World (www.personaltrainersworld.com)
5.) Four free sessions of skills training from professional instructors
6.) That Club Ohio will work hard to create an environment conducive to winning, a program that is purposeful in all our intentions to make you better than when you started with us.

What I can't promise you;
1.) That you will win every game
2.) That after a season with us, you are heading to the NBA!
3.) We can't promise you that you will get an NCAA Athletic scholarship.(No program can)
4.) We can't promise you that we won't make mistakes
5.) For the teens that read this, I do not provide shoes.  We can raise our fees and include that in the cost and give you shoes.  (My philosophy has always been to use the fees to play in competitive events)

See the Percentage Chance of Playing an NCAA College Sport

Athletes Men's Basketball Football Women's Basketball
High School Athletes 546,335 1,071,775 452,929
High School senior athletes 156,096 306,221 129,408
NCAA Athletes 16,571 61,252 15,096
NCAA Freshman Positions 4,735 17,501 4,313
NCAA Senior Athletes 3,682 13,612 3,355
NCAA Senior Athletes Drafted 44 250 32
Percentage: High School To NCAA 3.00% 5.70% 3.30%
Percentage: NCAA To Professional 1.20% 1.80% 1.00%

For those of you that read this send me an email to David Johnson or call
 (513) 931-1825 to find out when our final tryouts are!

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