Club Ohio Player Profiles

  Club Ohio is dedicated to putting all of our high school players in position to be seen by college coaches from around the nation. Click on the player name to view our elite high school players.

Click on a player name to view his profile. (We will update after our teams are formed)

Team Davenport:                   
Jeremiah Davenport
Brandon Gilbert
DaShawn Lawrence
Brett Marsh
Jalen Rose
Steve Stewart
David Wassler
Davion Neely
Parker Norris



Team Johnson:                    
Caleb Bush
Kevin Centers
Cameron Coomer
Jack Cooper
Alec Dardis
Brenton Foust
Mason Rusch
Brendan Schoening
Calvin Shaw
Owen Spencer
Xylon Frey

      Team Majick:              
Michael Currin
James Camden
Chauncey Grandison
Danny Grieve
Eli Majick
Quincy Mussio
Joey Round
VJ Sandoval
Christian Sims
Jack Huster





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