Ohio Youth Education and Sports, Inc.



Ohio Youth Education and Sports, Inc. (OH YES) is the corporate name of our Non-Profit Organization.  We are 501(c)(3) approved through the IRS.  

The mission of OH YES is to provide students with the support needed to excel academically while fostering self-confidence, high personal achievement and impendence that will last a lifetime.

One thing that separates our organization from others is that, just like in our name, education comes first.

We offer tutoring for youth that need academic assistance. We stress to our athletes the importance of good grade. We tell them that they should be "Shooting for Excellence".  

  • OH YES offers tutoring at no cost to the athletes in our program that are in need of academic assistance.  We provide tutoring so that all students have the support and confidence needed to succeed in the classroom as well as beyond the classroom.  
  • We offer a time for a study table for the teams that want to study together, because it has been well documented that students studying in groups achieve better scores.
  • We offer tutoring  to youth that need assistance pulling up their grades or are struggling in a particular subject.
  • We offer assistance in studying for the ACT/SAT test.
  • We are seeking volunteers from high schools and universities who want to fulfill their community service commitments.

Ohio Youth Education & Sports is a youth organization dedicated to helping youth achieve their full potential. 

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